Saturday, August 21, 2010



Monday, August 2, 2010

My new nickname as grandfather is Opah. I symbolize luck.

Surprisingly, we share more than half our DNA with the Opah fish from the Western Atlantic. Hawaiians consider opah to be a good luck fish, and often used to give it away as a gesture of goodwill, rather than sell it.

Opah or moonfish is one of the most colorful of the commercial fish species available in Hawaii. A silvery-grey upper body color shades to a rose red dotted with white spots toward the belly. Its fins are crimson, and its large eyes are encircled with gold. The moonfish's large, round profile may be the origin of its name. Moonfish landed in Hawaii range from 60 to over 200 pounds in round weight.

The opah's large-grain flesh is rich and fatty, with a versatility of use that is attractive to restaurants. Opah, sourced primarily from Hawiian waters & Fiji is used for sashimi, for broiling, and occasionally for smoking.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


In looking for an Irish gift for an in-law, I saw this carved plaque.


Friday, December 19, 2008

It is Christmas

My wife is the Santa for 150 senior citizens of Cornelius, NC each year. She organizes the Christmas bash in her quiet, behind the scenes way. I have to believe that God smiles when so many people feel the excitement of anticipation and the "event" of a dinner with Santa, the mayor, the town manager and the chief of police. If only we could all touch so many people in a quiet and engaging way. Merry Christmas. Felix Navidad.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fly fishing 101

Gayle, my wife is a natural fisher person.
She grew up in Cos Cob, CT on Long Island Sound catching killies in Coke bottles. So after we were introduced to fly fishing -a lesson with Kelly - ( in Todd,NC, Gayle intuitively felt as if she were at home wading in the river.
The rippling sounds of the water calm my brain, the scurrying of the small river inhabitants delight my polarized eye. We recently spent the day on the Watauga River where time has no reference point. We came to "fish" but found that we really enjoyed connecting with our primal selves - and when the trout gave themselves to us (as the native Alaskans referred to it) , we gratefully appreciated their beauty and then released them. What a great use of a day! (Maybe next time I won't leave as many man-made flies in the trees and under the rocks.)

A father's Joy

My daughter - former life guard, flautist, half-marathon hopeful, dog-lover, and website guru - is about to become a life partner with the man she loves. She called last Thursday from the romantic island of Puerto Rico and announced that she and Frank are engaged. Frank is a dog-lover, gifted softball player, Red Sox fanatic and all-around good guy, from Charleston, SC. They are blessed with quick minds, loving hearts and good natures. I wish for them more happiness than I can imagine.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

from Salem to Marblehead

the Cap'n working his St. Croix

The harbor at Beverly, MA